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Mark Torreano

During our days at the Academy, when the Superintendant's List came out you would often find Mark's name on it. Mark also excelled as an athlete on the Gymnastics Team. Immediately after graduation, he and Mimi embarked on a 27-year Air Force career that culminated in 1995 when he retired as a Colonel. Mark then began his second career with the Lockheed Martin Corporation, where he was Senior Manager for Business Development when he retired in July 2010. Below are his reflections on our Academy, his career and family:

My road to USAFA began in Detroit in Aug 46, just after my Dad's WWII duty in the Army Air Forces. Moving to Cincinnati in '52, I became a Reds fan while Dad worked at the GE large jet engine division and brought home pictures of Air Force jets. At the 1960 Boy Scout Jamboree in C Springs I saw the purple mountain majesties and the Cadet Area for the first time. Later, a high school upperclassman I really admired, got an USAFA appointment (Pete Johnston, '66) and I resolved to follow him. Admission took some work but I finally got an alternate appointment with the help of a truly great Liaison officer, Col Bill Raitt (his son, Mike, is Class of '76.) Col Raitt sent seven of us to BCT that year--Behr, Defazio, Hites, Moran, Pohlman, Sallee and me, and we all tossed our caps in the air on 5 Jun 68! I had great roommates--Evanoff, Mike Phillips x 2, Freeman, Vail, Gary Hoffman, McPherson and Gurley--all were outstanding floor buffing partners!

My best USAFA memories include the Gulf of Tonkin incident during Doolie survival, gymnastics team, 3rd Lt at Homestead AFB with Col Jabara's 31st TFW, driving my brother Mike's ('70) chin in, only Contrails Calendar editor to sneak a skinny dipping photo in (Vail made me do it!), Air Base Security detail, Firsty summer field trip to Japan, and the F-105 finale!. Saddest moment was Pete Johnston's Mar '66 death in a parachuting accident, but my best cadet moment also was around then when I meet Mimi ("She's still the one . . ."), with thanks to Garry Dudley for his assist!

Having studied Chinese, I leveraged that into a first assignment as an East West Center student at the Univ of Hawaii. My 27-year career flew by, with assignments in Intel, USAFA Poly Sci instructor, Japan, Space Command, Hong Kong, and PACOM. A 15-year business development career at Lockheed Martin has just closed out, after a bunch of interesting jobs in the DC area and then in Hawaii as the corporate rep. Hard to believe I am only 44!

Well, I can't think of one serious complaint with the whole thing, except it went by too quickly. Of course, the career is only the vehicle for sustaining the family--and Mimi has raised two great children, both born at USAFA. Mark Jr (Tricia) is a P School and '94 grad, Naval Aviator (EP-3) and father of 3 daughters, while Marcy married 2Lt Jack Antedomenico (also P School and '94--F-15s) and they have 3 sons. The future will be busy spending time with them as often as we can.

Immediate plans are to embrace retirement, I don't have grand goals of starting my own business, consulting or even aspire to WalMart greeter. I'm going to focus on getting in shape and healthier (#1 goal--win the Class of '68 handstand contest at the Jan 2011 Gymnastics Team reunion), learn some new "tricks," continue as a reading tutor, get active in supporting political candidates, take some Space A hops, and establish a "sustainable" retirement relationship with Mimi (I've already been home with her for lunch!). There are lots of adventures ahead, thanks for all the great memories you have helped create.

Mark has started what many of us need to do - and that is sort through the multitude of stored pictures. Below are some very nice ones that you will surely enjoy.

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35Reu_Gym_Team.jpg Apr67Snowstorm.jpg Attache Toast.jpg Baguio84.jpg BG_Scott_FlyingTiger.jpg Brookings.jpg CincyCadets35th.jpg GymTeam2003Wives.jpg
Japan Maahs.jpg JapanVisitSummer67.jpg L Cross.jpg Lt T at NKP.jpg Lt_MrsT7jun68.jpg Mark_Cricket_HongKong.jpg Mark_JapanCadet.jpg Mark_Mom_Mike_Sep66.jpg
Mark68LeMans.jpg Mark-China89.jpg MarkJr_Grad94.jpg MarkJr_WeddingJun94.jpg MeChinaAttache.jpg MeLarryMitchellPLAAF.jpg MeMarkJrMike.jpg MimiHongKongUnitedAL.jpg
ReunionMoxonPlus.jpg Taiwan69.jpg Vance98.jpg Wedding7jun68.jpg WTC99.jpg WWII50thKunming.jpg Yokata83.jpg


Mark and Mimi - Welcome to the ranks of retirees and thank-you for sharing with us.

September 2010

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