In Memoriam

Bruce Stanley Marks
November 3, 1946 - March 21, 2020

Bruce "Bob" Stanley Marks died on March 21, 2020, after a valiant battle with cancer. His heartbroken family was at his side. He is survived by his wife of nearly 50 years, Lilly Marks; his children Lara (Todd) Baker and Deborah (Bradd) Williams; his beloved grandsons Sam, Jackson and Hwitley; and his sister, Sandra Marks.

Born Nov. 3, 1946, in Charleston, W. Va, to Sidney and Emily Marks, Bob chased his dream of flying and continuing his family's military tradition when he entered Air Force Academy in the fall of 1964.

Bob spent his first two cadet years in 19th Squadron and his final two years in the 11th Squadron, impressing his classmates with his encyclopedic military knowledge and "country boy" grit. During his doolie year, Bob met his wing woman-to-be, Lilly Marks. Their first date was the recognition ball. Bob graduated in 1968, receiving his second lieutenant bars, his BS degree, and a pilot-training assignment at Laredo AFB, Texas, where he earned his wings.

A natural in the cockpit, he loved the challenge and adventure of flight. He completed initial qualification training in the C-130A Hercules at Ellington AFB, Texas, enroute to the 39th Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAS) at Lockbourne AFB, Ohio, from 1970 to 1971. As he mastered the "Herk," he shared runways with Apollo astronauts shooting T-38 touch-and-goes and precarious set-downs in the strange-looking lunar lander training vehicle.

Bob became a skilled tactical airlifter, and in 1970 received the Peruvian Air Cross for flying disaster-relief missions following the great Peruvian earthquake. His Lockbourne flying duties took him to every country in South America, which ignited his career and lifelong passion to study and experience the history, culture, religion and peoples of the countries he visited.

On Sept. 6, 1970, Bob married Lilly, his sweetheart, lifelong "co-pilot" and the most special and influential person in his life.
Bob served his nation in the Vietnam War, piloting the AC130A gunships in the 16th Special Operations Squadron, Ubon RTAFB, Thailand. Bob flew numerous armed reconnaissance and close-air support combat missions along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos and Cambodia and always volunteered to fly more. He exemplified the '68 class motto: "With Wings and Courage."
Honorably discharged in 1973, Bob attended law school at the University of Virginia. He continued to fly with the West Virginia National Guard until his law school graduation in 1976. Bob and Lilly returned to Colorado where Bob practiced oil and gas transactional law, mediation and arbitration. He also taught numerous courses at the University of Denver Law School as an adjunct professor.

Bob and Lilly raised two beautiful and accomplished daughters, each of whom embody many of Bob's passions and talents. Lara followed her dad's footsteps, also graduating from University of Virginia Law School. Deborah shared her father's love of travel and outdoor sports and together they enjoyed helicopter and backcountry skiing, completed several "century" bike rides, and climbed many Colorado "14ers." Bob eagerly shared his love of skiing, biking, airplanes and rockets with his young grandsons.
An avid outdoorist, Bob spent his retirement skiing, competing in triathlons, scuba diving, and traveling the world with Lilly. Bob was beloved by his family and many friends, and his legendary, irreverent wit always filled the room with laughter.

The family offers its profound appreciation to Bob's three wingmen, '68 cadet classmates Jim Lozito, Roger Moseley and Duane Mrosla, lifelong friends who offered such incredible support, companionship and love to Bob and the family throughout Bob's illness.

Due to the Covid-19 virus, the family will hold a memorial service at a future date to be determined.
                                                                                                  (Bob's loving family and Jim Lozito, classmate and friend)

Bob passed away Saturday morning, March 21, 2020 in Greenwood Village, CO. of pancreatic cancer and, recently, a series of small strokes. He was interred Monday, March 23, 2020 in the Jewish, Rose Hill Cemetery; 6814 E 62nd Ave; Commerce City, CO. Due to the circumstances we're all familiar with, there will only be a small graveside service. The family may hold a memorial at some future date. Bob was an impressive guy. He flew AC-130s in combat, was a truly gifted and aggressive skier, a certified mixed gas scuba diver, and not a shabby bicyclist. He is survived by his wife Lilly, two daughters, and three grandchildren. His family has suggested that memorial donations be made in lieu of flowers to the University of Colorado Cancer Center; University of Colorado Foundation; PO Box 17126; Denver, CO 80217-9155; (303) 541-1290; Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Lilly: Mrs. Lilly Marks; 5548 Hillside St; Greenwood Village, CO 80111-3736. Condolences may also be left online at

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