In Memoriam

Byron Burnett

Byron Clair Burnett

On 13 June 1971. Captain Byron C Burnett. Class of 1968 and former member of the 2nd Cadet Squadron was killed in the crash of a C-135 aircraft 718 miles south of Hawaii.Captain Burnett is survived by his wife, Katherine, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Burnett. His daughter Jane Claire Burnett Glenn was born 3 months after his crash.

Byron was my roomie during “Doolie” year in CS-24. He struggled with the physical portion but breezed through all academics, where I struggled. He was on a C-135B aka EC-135 aircraft being used to monitor nuke tests. No bodies were found. True cause of crash unknown as there were several differing opinions and not enough wreckage gathered to be sure.

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