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Jim Alexander

James Edward Alexander

Captain James E. Alexander, Class of 1968 and former member of the 25th Cadet Squadron, died 16 June 1972 from injuries received in an aircraft accident on 7 March 1972 near Reese AFB, Texas. Captain Alexander is survived by his parents, Colonel and Mrs. Glenn R. Alexander.

I have a story about Jim Alexander. His dad was a Colonel at Maxwell while we were cadets and would always send a T-29 to COS at holiday times. We became good friends. But I also knew his brother, Jon, from the University of Alabama ROTC (I was there '63-64). Early March 1972, I was working the night shift at the 7th AF TACC (Blue Chip) when Jon (T-39 Scatback pilot) came into the command post saying he needed to get home. His dad had just called saying Jimmy was in critical condition after a T-38 accident and not expected to live. I stopped what I was doing, checked the boards, and got him on a flight out that night. His dad retired to COS and I saw him almost weekly when we were there on the faculty '77-80. He got a job reading water meters for El Paso county and loved it because he was outside meeting and talking to people. We talked a lot about Jim. Sometime in the early '80s, Jon saved an F-4 that lost power over the Atlantic, getting it back to Goose Bay. (Vern McGraw)

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