In Memoriam

Dale Stephens

Dale Foy Stephens

Dale Stephens, the son of a fighter pilot, came to USAFA from Ft. Worth, Texas with laughter and dreams in his eyes. He was a strong silent leader in Hustler Squadron our first summer, moving to 24th Phantoms and then down the hail to 23rd. He bounced onto and off of the Commandant's and Superintendent's list so often that most of us thought he really didn't care. We only knew that he was always doing something to crack us up, and to hide the fiercely competitive side of a young man with more depth than we could understand at the time. But we do remember that Dale was most proud of being 23rd Squadron's Professional Ethics Committee Rep. while at the Academy. At pilot training Dale settled down to the serious business of following in his father's footsteps-and soon was a crackerjack fighter pilot with a chest full of decorations, including the Purple Heart-I know he would have made several good jokes out of how he won it! Dale Foy Stephens excelled as a son, a Cadet, an officer, a pilot-but best of all as a husband and father. He set examples that will help his family and his many friends continue without him. Dale is survived by his wife, Kathryn; two Sons; and his parents, Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Sidney A. Stephens. Memorial services for Captain Stephens were held at the Cadet Chapel on 16 November 1977. A memorial fund has been established in Captain Stephens' memory; contributions may be sent to the Association of Graduates.     (Neal Starkey, '68)

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