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Art Moxon

Arthur Lloyd Moxon

In January 1981 we all lost a great friend. Major Arthur L. Moxon, Class of 1968, was killed when his A-10 crashed into the North Sea near Bury St. Edmonds, England. He is survived by his wife, Colleen, and sons, Michael and Timmy, his parents, the Vernon Moxons, and his sister, Mrs. Susan Sullivan. Art did it all and in doing so always gave so much more of himself than most of us could ever hope to give in our lifetimes. He graduated in the top ten percent of the Class of '68, 17th Squadron, and went up from there. MA. in Economics from UCLA . . . pilot training at Craig . . . OV-10 to Pleiku . . . shot down twice and rescued . . . DFCs, Air Medals, the Purple Heart T-37 IP at Reese . . . AFCM . . . Economics Instructor at USAFA . . . two-year early promotion to Major . . . MCM Distinguished Graduate from ACSC . . . Holloman and Davis Monthan . . . the A-10 . . . Flight Commander and Assistant Operations Officer, 5 10th Tactical Fighter Squadron, RAF Bentwaters. Art Moxon excelled in every arena he entered, be it academics, family, friendship, or his profession. He knew better than most the risks of military aviation and the personal sacrifice embodied in service to country. He forsook the more comfortable options and, instead, always chose to go where he was so desperately needed. Through it all, he led the way by example and was an inspiration to all who knew him. For this, we owe him an eternal debt of gratitude. Funeral services were held at the Protestant Cadet Chapel on 11 February 1981 with burial at the Air Force Academy Cemetery. Contributions in his memory may be sent to the Arthur L. Moxon Memorial Fund, Association of Graduates, USAF Academy, CO 80840.     (Henry Johnson, '68)

Dear Sir or Madam,

On the 9th of January 1981 i was present in the control tower at RAF Donna Nook on that fateful Friday afternoon when Major Moxon lost his life. i was not service personnel, my house was approx.500 yards from the base. i understand that Major Moxon's wife visited Donna Nook after the tragedy and i would just like you to pass on that he is not forgotten.

every ten years i have placed a wreath outside the building where Major Moxon's remains were brought in the RAF compound and i include a photo of the last one i laid.

John Dyson
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