In Memoriam

Bob Shumway

Robert Alan Shumway, Jr.

The Class of 1968 has lost an outstanding leader, a man with courage, determination and warmth who was destined for greatness. It is still hard to realize that Bob Shumway died suddenly on June 29th. The shock of his passing will not fade for a very long time, and all of us who knew him will be deprived by his absence. Bob's contributions were legion, to his country, to his family, and to his school. While the record will chronicle the facts of his service, it cannot do justice to Bob Shumway, the man. He was a man who gave unselfishly to all around him. He always asked, "What else can I do for you?" Our memory of him will make him immortal. Bob Shumway was a man of vision; a man who was dedicated to leaving his world better than when he found it. Those of us who had the honor of knowing him will "see" him in the Class Wall, in the Colorado Chapter that he led so well, and in Melissa, Bryan and Suzanne. Our memory of him will make him immortal. Bob, it's hard to say good-bye; so we won't. We will remember and we will care.     (Al Blumberg, '68)

USAFA Cemetery

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