In Memoriam

Kim Anderson

Kimmel Ross Anderson

Mr. Kimmel R. Anderson, Class of 1968, died on 1 November 1987, after a long battle with cancer. His distinguished Air Force career included earning senior pilot wings as a B-52 aircraft commander, instructor pilot, and then serving as chief, Bomber Standardization Branch, 22nd Bombardment Wing, March AFB, California. He left the Air Force in 1979 to pursue a career in the civilian sector and is survived by his children, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Anderson.

Kim was in my pilot training class 70-01 at Moody AFB. We had a fair number of other 68 grads as well. Most, if not all, of the students lived in run-down barracks they called BOQs. About half way through our year we were told to move out because the BOQs were coming down.
Six of us banded together to rent an old Frat House that was no longer occupied. We called (and labeled) the house “Sierra Hotel.” Kim was one of our roomies along with Jim Wiggins, Jack Bowen, Chuck Kavcsak and Mike Cartwright. Kim served as an IP following graduation, he was a FAC at NKP and B-52 Pilot for a number of years.

Kim was unflappable and fit in with the other miscreants of Sierra Hotel able to smile at our behavior.

He is pictured outside our “hotel” with Jim Wiggins, Jack Bowen, me and some lady friends
Bruce Buono

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