In Memoriam

Mike Cartwright

Michael Roger Cartwright

Mr. Michael R. Cartwright, class of 1968, died on 7 April 1989 after a long illness. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Millie Cartwright.

Mike was one a a fair number of ’68 grads who were in Class 70-01 at Moody AFB. Mike was our roomie at the “Sierra Hotel,” a vacated frat house we rented with six of us combining our housing allowance when the BOQ was closed on base.
Mike was a steadying influence on our mob in the “hotel.” I drove a 442, Jim Wiggins a GTO and Mike drove an Olds 88 or 98. Following pilot training, Mike served in Vietnam flying C-123s at Phan Rang. He was then assigned to Dyess AFB in B-52s also flying bombing missions over Vietnam from U Tapao Thailand and Andersen AFB, Guam. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and five Air Medals. He is buried at USAFA Cemetery
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