In Memoriam

Marty Eggert

Martin Floyd Eggert

Marty was just hitting his stride when a flaw in his heart struck him down. He was still youthful in body and spirit, eager, vigorous, and full of life and plans. He and his wife, Julia, had only months before proudly sent out the birth announcement of their first son, Benjamin. Marty's career with American Airlines was well off the ground. He was starting to enjoy relief from those dreaded furloughs, to get the trips he bid for, and to spend more quality time with his family and friends.Following Vietnam, he had questions about his life's purpose and eagerly looked for answers. He left the Air Force, returned to Portland, worked in sales, and invested in real estate. Over time, he returned to flying - first with a small airline in Alaska. Alaska seemed a fitting place for a fresh start to this man from the great Northwest - the country, the challenges - they matched his indomitable spirit and zest for life. He then had a brief stint as a corporate pilot, followed by a more lucrative career with American Airlines.To his family and friends, the greatest part of Marty was to be seen, to be enjoyed, close up. He was an intimate, yet open, soul. He was generous, full of good will, thoughtful, and possessed a delightful sense of humor. He was an earth-wanderer, traveling whenever he could to see new lands and to meet new people. His family was dear to him and stood by him during times of trial and crisis. Marty's friends were also dear to him. He had a great capacity for friendship and had a way about him that was lovable, open, and funny. He was your brother. Although he cared about his own life and the world he lived in, mostly he cared about others. This was his greatest strength; his greatest gift. It seems ironic that Marty's big heart was the reason for his untimely death. Knowing him, however, if he could, he would have attempted to put aside our sorrow and would have tried to cheer us along our way. Marty is survived by his wife, Julia, and son, Benjamin, mother, Virginia Eggert, two brothers, Howard and Greg, and sister, Elizabeth Clarke. Funeral services were conducted at the Tigard United Methodist Church on May 17, 1991.     (In tribute by his classmates and friends John Watkins, Mike Burgamy, and Mike Morrison.)

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