In Memoriam

Craig Squier

Craig Cecil Squire

Craig Squier, Class of 1968, died in Binghamton, N.Y., on Aug. 26, 1992. He is survived by his parents, Raymond and Barbara Squire and three sisters. Craig was one of those "lost souls" who lost touch with the AOG. However, he had not been idle and focused his energy in the realm of academy and the study and teaching of mathematics. His professional resume includes an M.A. And Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, teaching jobs in the Berkeley area and since 1983 he had been assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, State University of New York, Binghamton. He had a long and distinguished relationship with the American Mathematical Society, was the author of over 20 scholarly articles and received a grant from the National Science Foundation. As a mathematician, Craig specialized in the field of topology and concentrated on Artin groups. For Craig, in the world of math there was a lot that was intuitively obvious; however, proofs were not left to the student. In the personal side of his life, Craig had never married. He had come through some turbulent times though and seemed to be gaining his second wind in preparation for a most productive decade in the '90s. Sadly, those of us who have memories of him from our Academy days will have to reflect on those times. We will not have the benefit of his wit and intelligence in times when they could be of great service to us all.      (J.B. Schroeder, '68)

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