In Memoriam

Jim Meyer

James Lyle Meyer

James L. Meyer, Class of 1968, died Dec. 28, 1993 in an automobile accident near Sacramento, Calif. Memorial services were held in the Rotunda of the State Capitol building in Sacramento on Jan. 4, 1994. He was a life member of the Association of Graduates. "Jimbo" or "Maya" as he was affectionately known by his family and friends, touched our hearts as only a few people can ever do. Jimbo grew up in the community of Elk Grove, Calif. where he excelled in football and met his childhood sweetheart, Lauralee. Upon high school graduation in 1964, Jim left for the Academy and new adventures and challenges. This is truly the way Jim looked upon life. He never backed down from the challenges which invariably led him on many new adventures. Jimbo was a member of both 9th and 7th Squadrons at the Academy. While a member of Seagram Seven Squadron his first class year, Jim was instrumental in the remarkable turnaround in athletics for the squadron. In fact, for the first time Seagram Seven won the trophy that year as the best squadron in athletics, a feat which set the standard and was repeated for many years to come. Upon graduation, Maya served as a procurement officer until he left the Air Force in 1972 and returned to Sacramento. Jim continued his schooling at this time and received a master's degree from California State University, Sacramento in 1978 and then received his Doctor of Law degree in 1978 from McGeorge School of Law. With these considerable skills in hand, Jimbo went on to serve as the senior consultant to the Assembly Republican Caucus of the California State Legislature. As was so typical of Jim, he loved to work behind the scenes for the changes he believed in, leaving the limelight for others to grovel in. Maya's other great love was his family. Jim married Lauralee shortly after graduation and they were later blessed with two fine boys, Brian and Kevin. Maya had an unrelenting commitment to his family that set the example so needed in this world of changing values. Jim used to tell his sons that he got them the best mother that he could find, and those who know Lauralee can only nod their head in hearty agreement. His devotion to his sons was almost fanatical and they were indeed a great source of pride to him. As Jim was so fond of saying "this is good" how these boys are developing and what Maya has left behind is good. Jim is survived by his wife, Lauralee; sons Brian and Kevin; mother, Artis V. Meyer; and sister, Peggy Meyer La Vine. Sadly, Jim died without any insurance so the family has requested that any donations friends may wish to make be made to the Brian and Kevin Meyer Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 1772, Sacramento, Calif. 95812. In closing, Jimbo had a trademark way of greeting everyone. It always started with "greetings..." I quote from Jim's memorial service: "Greetings'' Jim Meyer would not want his friends to dwell on the sadness of this occasion, but rather to celebrate life, and share our good memories of a good friend. "See you in the future.'' Indeed we will Jimbo. I can just see Jim working behind the scenes now, helping to make sure all of God's work is being done. We look forward to your welcome "Greetings" when we arrive.     (Tim Ayres and George Roberts, '68)

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