In Memoriam

Tex Fehrenbach

Theron Carl Fehrenbach, II

On 6 April 1970, three Air Force members, including 1st Lt. Theron Fehrenbach, were killed in action after completing an air drop mission at Dak Seang. The C-7A aircraft encountered hostile ground fire approximately ten miles south of Dak To. Army helicopters in the area reported seeing the aircraft on fire and crash.

In mid 1970, I flew the sunset mission for the night coverage out of Pleiku, and as I acknowledged tower handoff to departure, a familiar, but unidentified voice said "Woody, is that you?". Before I could respond, the Nav had switched the radios to departure control.

I returned a bit after midnight, and retired to the bridge game at the bar, and someone told me that Tex Fehrenbach, my roommate for our senior year, had asked about me at the Club, and said he would look me up the next day. I had a name for the voice! I turned in at about sunrise, and woke in the afternoon to the news that three Caribous didn't make it back from Dak Seang, and that Tex was in one of them.

I have since heard that they had taken hits over the drop zone, but had flown past Dak To trying to get to Pleiku when the wing spar gave out. I don't know how true it is, or whether I can add anything to the memorial, but he was a true friend, and I still hear that voice from time to time.


Woody (AKA Covey 590 '70) Woodside

Tex and I were flying partners in C-7 training at Dyess AFB in 1969. He and I shared dinner at the O’Club just before we left. There I met his wife Jeanne. I would see her next at our 40th reunion. Tex and I both went to Cam Rahn Bay but in different squadrons. Tex and I were both senior co-pilots when our units had crews sent to support air drops in Dak Seang. The night Tex was shot down we gathered in a squadron briefing room to get the news on the losses and that there was a recovery effort underway to return the remains. The next day while I was on another mission I was recruited to fly the first night mission which made drops without casualties.

Bruce Buono

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