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Dennis Bauer Haas

Air Force officials yesterday identified the victim of a plane crash on 10 April 1970 near Pine as 1st Lt. Dennis B. Haas, 25, of St. Louis. Denny Haas was in the same 4-ship as Rick Colt when he crashed starting a low level mission. Investigators said the F-100 Super Sabre jet crashed while on a tactical training mission over Northern Arizona. The student pilot was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Haas.

Denny Haas was from St. Louis. He had already attended 2 years of college before coming to USAFA. He started out in 6th squadron and was in 17th Squadron at graduation. Mike Freeborn, Mac Phillips, Mike Ellison, Jim Carr, and I used to run around together for those two first years. They all visited with me at home in Lamar, CO a couple of times. Caught Denny making out with my girlfriend on one trip - I kept him as a buddy but dumped the her! He was really an absolutely great guy.
Bob Durham

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