In Memoriam

Thomas John Meyer
November 25, 2016

Lt. Col. (Ret) Thomas Meyer died Nov. 25, 2016 of lung cancer. He was a varsity debater and four-year tennis veteran while pursuing a degree in economics from USAFA.

Following graduation from the Academy, he served as a Southeast Asia tanker and Air Rescue helicopter pilot at U-Tapao and Udorn Royal Thai Air Bases. He taught others to fly HH-43 Huskies and T-41 Mescaleros. His SAC Crew was the first to successfully refuel the C-5A galaxy, beginning an era of non stop global airlift for large U.S. military hardware.

As a professor, he taught economics, political science and history during assignments to West Point, the Air Force Academy and Boston University. Following retirement from the Air Force, Tom continued teaching economics at colleges in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Virginia and Minnesota.

Tom is survived by his wife, Carol; son David; daughter Dana; son-in-law Tom; and two grandchildren, Nathan and Natalie. His greatest satisfaction came from his time with family and friends.

In his last weeks, Tom found strength and hope in the words of an unknown author.
What cancer cannot do:
Cancer is so limited.
It cannot cripple love.
It cannot shatter hope.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot destroy peace.
It cannot suppress memories.
It cannot silence courage.
It cannot invade the soul.
It cannot steal eternal life.
It cannot conquer the Sprit.                                                                                                                (Carol Meyer, Tom's wife)

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