Class of 1968 45th Reunion Giving Initiative


The Class of 1968 "Class-giving" initiative focuses on encouraging all of our classmates to participate in an on-going commitment to give something back to one part of the Academy that is important to you.

Based on our interviews with the Academy staff and organizations that support the Academy, they would prefer you make an unrestricted donation to the Academy, but we want you to find something that is important to you.

Toward that end we have identified more than 250 different giving options and list them here. All the organizations and programs listed here qualify for IRS charitable deductions (or did when this list was created) and support programs for the USAF Academy, its cadets and graduates. Where there are donation minimums or multiple ways to make a donation we have noted them on the menu. If you don't see the activity or project you would like to support, please contact either Greg Knedler, the Academy Endowment representative for our class giving project at or Mike Parkinson at or 719-227-0975 and he will do what he can to help you find a way to support your favorite Academy program.

USAFA Endowment Funds
Squadron Challenge
Academic Programs
Athletic Programs/Falcon Pride Club
Cadet Clubs and Awards
Prep School Fund
'68 Gift Fund
Rando Fund/Cadet Emergency Leave
Falcon Foundation/Prep School Scholarships
Friends of the Library/Memorial Wall
ARDI/Endowed Professorships

USAFA Endowment Funds

The simplest way to make a donation is through the USAFA Endowment. To see a list of things they support go to and click on the link near the right top of the page titled "Select a Fund." There you will find links for athletic teams and programs, academic departments and funds and cadet activities. Each of these links includes a system for charging donations to a credit card.

Donations through the Endowment may be set up as one-time payments, monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

The USAFA Endowment supports programs for the USAF Academy, its cadets and graduates. There are several ways to give through the Endowment. Their Web page is at From that site, click on "Ways to Give" and you will see how to make donations on-line, by mail and by telephone. Also, there is information on how to donate securities, make allotments or capture matching gifts. Under "Ways to Give" you can click on "Estate Planning" for information on how to make planned gifts like testamentary gifts and charitable remainder trusts.

The Endowment has several recognition societies. You cannot donate directly to these societies but donations to Endowment funds result in membership. If you make a donation of $1000 or more to the Air Force Academy Fund in any one year you are recognized with membership in the Sabre Society. The Air Force Academy Fund is the fund for unrestricted gifts to the Academy. Donations of $100,000 or more are recognized with membership in the Guidon Society. If you make a provision for an Endowment donation in your estate you are recognized with membership in the Polaris Society. The Harmon Society is a new program to recognize donations by corporations or organizations. Such donations are recognized for annual donations of $10,000 and $25,000.

Squadron Challenge

Our classmates in Twentieth Squadron have committed to having as many of their living graduates as possible in the Sabre Society. They challenge other squadrons to match their percentage of Sabre Society membership.

Any donation of $1000 or more to the Air Force Academy Fund results in Sabre Society membership. The Air Force Academy Fund is the fund of unrestricted gifts to the Academy. To donate to the Air Force Academy Fund click Air Force Academy Fund.

We encourage other squadrons to either compete for Sabre Society membership or to establish their own squadron challenges.

Academic Departments and Majors

Each department and major at the Academy has a fund they use to support cadet projects. In addition each department seeks funding for endowed faculty. Other academic funds support interdisciplinary research projects or lecture series.

To support your major or to assist an academic program click Academic Funds and then select the department or program you want to support.

Intercollegiate Athletics

You may make a general donation to help fund athletics or you may specify the team or athletic facility you want to support. These donations may be directed directly through the athletic department or through the Endowment.

To donate through the athletic department, click FalconPrideClub, where you will be asked to create an account and follow instructions to make a donation to your favorite sport.

To contribute to these funds through the Endowment, click Athletic Funds and select the team or program you wish to support.

Cadet Clubs and Awards

Cadet Mission Clubs and Cadet Competitive Clubs

You may donate to the Commandant's Fund for Cadet Activities that provides support to all cadet clubs OR you may designate a donation for a specific cadet mission club or cadet competitive club.

To donate click Cadet Activity Funds. Funds for specific mission and competitive clubs are on the same link, some under Cadet Activity Funds and some under Other Funds.

Cadet Recreational Clubs

Cadet recreational clubs change each year depending on cadet interest and projects. Therefore, each recreational club does not have its own fund. The Commandant's Fund for Cadet Activities. It supports all cadet activities, including recreational clubs. To donate click Commandant's Fund for Cadet Activities Fund.

Cadet Awards

Each year during graduation week the Academy presents awards to groups of Cadets and individual Cadets for their accomplishments at the Academy. The group awards are already completely funded but the Academy needs support for the individual Cadet awards. Click here to see a list of these awards. You may support these awards by donating to the Cadet Awards Fund maintained by the USAFA Endowment or you may entirely fund an individual award.

To contribute to the Cadet Awards Fund click Cadet Award Fund.

To completely fund an individual award contact Kathy Wiedo at the Endowment. Her phone is 719-333-4410. In 2012 the cost for supporting an annual award was $500 and the contribution for "ongoing sponsorship" was $10,000. These amounts are subject to change and some of the awards are already sponsored.

Prep School Fund

The Prep School Fund provides support for programs at the USAFA Preparatory School.

To contribute to the Prep School Fund click Prep School Fund.

If you want to support potential applicants to the Academy through preparatory school and junior college scholarships see the Falcon Foundation.

'68 Class Gift Fund

The 1968 Class Gift Fund is distributed by our class officers for programs that support our class. Its current uses include the purchase of memorial markers at the USAFA cemetery for deceased classmates who are interred elsewhere. It is also used to help families of deceased classmates who need assistance for travel to attend memorial services.

To donate to this fund, send a check payable to USAFA Association of Graduates with Class of '68 Gift Fund on the Memo line to Alton Parrish and/or Al Burrell at: Association of Graduates, Dolittle Hall, 3116 Academy Drive, USAF Academy, CO 80840-4475.

Rando Fund

The Rando Fund supports travel for cadets on emergency leave and travel for the cadet honor guard to attend cadet funerals.

You may donate to the Rando Fund by clicking Rando Fund.

Falcon Foundation

The Falcon Foundation supports potential applicants to the Academy through preparatory school and junior college scholarships. You may donate to the Falcon Foundation by clicking Falcon Foundation.

Friends of the Academy Library

The Friends of the Library support collections and programs held by the Academy Library. They are committed to the preservation of Academy heritage as exemplified by their Memorial Wall project whose goal is to assemble all the available material dealing with the adult lives of graduates whose names are inscribed on the Wall. This includes our 11 classmates who have been KIA. To access this information click Friends of the Academy Library.

To donate to Friends of the Library click Friends of the Library.

Academy Research and Development Institute (ARDI)

ARDI was formed in 1984 to support academic programs at the Academy. Its primary function is supporting endowed academic chairs and donations are typically very large ($100,000 or more).

If you would like to support an endowed academic chair, contact either Greg Knedler, the Academy Endowment representative for our class giving project at or Mike Parkinson at or 719-227-0975. They will get you in contact with an Endowment representative who works on these programs.

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